Back in 2003 when i first began working in the mobile design industry; mobile technology, design, business and marketing was a very unknown territory. There were so many trials and errors, many mistakes. But what we all knew was that ‘mobile’ was going to be the most forefront evolution that would forever change the way humans and computers interact.

A lot of us mobile pioneers knew that there was going to be a huge change. The technology was available, but the minds were still fresh yet stimulated out of curiosity of what was going to become for mobile.

Fast-forward to the present, the mobile device out-numbers desktop devices. Humans evolved into a mobile office. Communication expanded in speed 3-fold (for the good and bad). The mobile market and industry exploded. Human interaction is now connected by a mobile device. Billions of apps are now at the touch from our finger either physically or requesting it vocally (Siri, Cortana, Hello Google).

Now that mobile is in every hand on the planet and just about saturated, there was something still missing. Design! Well, design has always existed and I have been fortunate to be part of this ‘mobile design industry’ and everyone and every company is trying to categorize every UI/UX, but there isn’t enough emphasis on mobile design. Google has its ‘Material Design’ and Apple has its own design guidelines, but it isn’t enough. There are so many user interactions being created after every release of apps, devices and technology…we cannot always contain mobile design in boxes or excel sheets. It will continue to evolve.

Seeing that this has been an ongoing issue for mobile design, I decided to dedicate just for that. This site is dedicated to the every-day-mobile-device-user who can voice their reviews, thoughts and emotions. is also dedicated to companies, their Developers, Engineers, UI Designers, UX Designers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers/Owners who are creating new apps for mobile users. Heuristically, this is a site, a resource to help improve the design, UX and overall quality of Mobile Designs.

Quite honestly, my blog writing is shit. Im simply discussing the smartness and stupidity of designs. I’ve been working in the Mobile Design Industry since 2003 and have witnessed companies launch mobile apps and products that never considered the user. And there are a lot of companies that have created phenomenal designs. By providing, this helps meld the communication gap in design and improve the quality of designs…and their profit.


Designs: None of these designs are of my own (unless specified). I have several designers, engineers and content creators who are physically taking screenshots (and are still doing) as new apps are released/updated. If you are an owner of any particular app and do not wish to have your designs shown on this website, please contact me and I will remove it. But let it be known, I will note the removal of the app. is here for free, for your use, for your knowledge and for your profit to help inform you and the community and improve your profit and increase downloads to your app.

Reviews: There are 2 review categories which I rate your designs. They are of my own opinion and rated from my experience. I have been in the Mobile Design Industry for well over 10 years and rate it from that. I base the reviews from UX flows and aesthetics in which users expect. There is an additional review included which is rated from the public. I have no idea who they are except they are users. Though the reviews may be negative (mostly positive), I hope that you take this as a learning lesson. I too have released some shitty apps from time constraints or just from experience (mistakes), but it is a good lesson to learn and improve upon that. If you feel the review is unfair, please contact me and we can discuss.

Errors: If you feel there are any errors, please let me know. As I have spent a good 6 months creating this website and curating mobile app screenshots, I am bound to forget a thing or 2.

Blogs: As i have mentioned before, I’m fucking horrible at writing. i do voice my honesty. Theres a lot of work which goes into mobile products and sometimes forgets about the user. This website is for the user and for the mobile community. Time is critical and we don’t want to waste our money. But let’s be honest, there are a shitload of mobile products that get delivered horribly and the user suffers as well as your profits. This site just doesn’t sugar-coat it.

Conclusion: I have spent many years and have dedicated a lot of time and money into this website to provide everyone in the mobile design industry with and hope that it will become your go-to source for creating the best mobile product 🙂