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Yelp Android App Review
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Yelp took advantage of the native iOS components to the exact guidelines in every way shape and form. Is this a good thing?  Perhaps. But it limits the available designs which they could have allowed. This makes it a bit static and basic. The Yelp characters are cute helping to connect young millennials to interact and relate, but its components are just, well…basic baby-boomer-looking components. After users are on-boarded, they are introduced with several tasks.  Makes this app feel more like users are data-entry workers rather than a reviewer.

As users choose their selected “taco restaurant”, the search results display a list of locations…but from what are these listings listed?? Oh yea, these are listed from those “taco restaurants” that paid to be at the top of the listing. As to the other “non paid listings”, there is no way for users to know how these are ranked.

Listing images are placed as thumbnails… with rounded corners (boring…) and a shitload of cognative overload. Though users instinctively believe that once they search for that “taco restaurant”, the ranking will default to “best taco restaurant”. If users want to filter by location, they should be enabled to search from a map-view. None of which is readily available for users unless the look back to the top of the screen to see a tiny text reading “map”.

By giving Yelp iOS the benefit of the doubt (review), they have a boat-load of information that supplies users of the details of the places in their cities. As of 2016, Yelp for iOS lacks that updated feel and quite a complex flow for users to navigate though. Fuck it, im just going to Wendy’s.