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Go Pro Karma Drone

Wanna make movies? Motion captures of your neighborhood? Video backgrounds for interactive websites?  Karma by Go Pro may be the best option for you to achieve those goals. Yea, sure…everyone seems to be getting onto the Drone fad in the past year, but nothing like the Go Pro Karma Drone. Foldable and portable drone will make you that mobile genius taking the most awesome video shots in 1080dpi like no other.

$799.99 (totally worth it)

Available from October 23, 2016

Go Pro Karma Drone Specs:

drone: 35.5 oz (1006g)

height 14,500 feet (4,500m)

drone speed 35mph (15 m/s)

distance 3280 feet (1000m)

Included with the Go Pro Karma Drone:

Karma Drone (duh)

Karm Controller

karma Stabilizer and Harness

6 drone propellers (better be in the box)

Karma Grip

Karma Charger

Karma Case

Karma Mounting Ring

Compatible with

Hero 5 Black

Hero 5 Session

Hero 4 Black • Silver

The Go Pro Karma being piloted by Casey Neistat: