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Back in 2003 when mobile devices began flying off the shelves in Japan during the ‘mobile rush’, it was quite easy to remember the make, model and pixel sizes when designing apps and mobile websites.  Fast-forward today and there are too many to remember! To add to this, “responsive web design” was introduced along with app design. Not only did more mobile devices reach our ice-cream eyes but also desktop monitors.

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Screensizes is a hidden gem of information and specs for all devices that our user’s eyes yearn for. The information and specs provided are: OS, physical size of the devices, pixel width, pixel height, device width, ppi (pixels per inch), Pixel density/resolution (hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi), aspect ratios and the device popularity for consumers.  Utilize the toggle button above on this site to view not only the current mobile devices on the market but tablets and monitors as well.

Unsure of how many of us designers and developers know about this site but it sure is a huge timesaver instead of wasting time grabbing specs from the maker’s site. Definitely bookmark-able for any designer or developer.