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Yet another tool for designers… blah, blah, blah… So many of these tools hit the design market in hopes to enhance the designer’s production but mostly has a high learning curve or some other type of restriction that demands the designer to look elsewhere.  Whenever a new design tool is released into the market, designers end up back to Photoshop.  Do you think Sketch App is one of these?  Sketch App is not one of these at all!

At first, i was hesitant learning of Sketch App when i heard of this new design tool.  Of course i remained open to hear about what Sketch App does and at the very beginning of my colleague’s presentation, i instantly thought, “oh, and we need to keep using our Photoshop software…just another application that will clutter our screen”.  (Insert foot in my mouth here) i was surprised to hear the features in Sketch App. Regardless of my negative thought, they were each shot down by hearing the things that can be done with Sketch App!

Here are some rundowns of Sketch App:

  1. Layers and Objects: Shapes are layered and fully editable. Either edit a single object, duplicate or globally edit an object.  After closing a project, taking a vacation and returning to the object which you forgot or hate to drill down to search, you can type in the keywords and Bam! There it is!
  2. Snap to Pixel: Where the hell are the pixels on a mac retina display!? No need to worry as there are no 45.4 pixels when moving objects around. Everything snaps to the exact pixel.
  3. Zoom to the pixel for precise editing on that teeny-tiny pixel!
  4. Awesome Inspector Tool: Basically a dumbed-down photoshop allowing designers to get their shit done. We are making mobile apps, not creating a masterpiece…well, at least for now. Sketch App allows us designers to rapidly find the most commonly tools need to get the job done. The Inspector Tool allows us to do just that. Create kick-ass mobile app designs!
  5. Copy and Paste: copying and pasting is useful but with 18-trillion views you need to place an object such as a button change, can be a big pain in the ass. With Sketch App, there are reusable elements.  Need to change a button from a shitty light green with linear shade with a drop shadow matching that for Android Material Design? All that you need to do is use a pre-fabricated element or one which you customized yourself…then access the Symbol menu item from the tools dropdown and BAM! Done!
  6. Asset Creation: Asset creation can (or is) a ‘pain in the ASSet creation’.  With Sketch App, We can take the “ASS” out of ASSet Creation and export what we need for developers.  Slice Layers, Filter Slices, View Slices on Canvases to share, Scale them to Multiple Scales/Resolutions, Define the Filetype (transparent .png, .svg, etc) and export them from the bottom of the inspector 🙂
  7. CSS Styles: Lacking a front-end developer/designer? This should have been simple years ago… Just export the CSS properties. Bam!
  8. Printing: yes, you can do that too.
  9. (see below…)

Brace yourselves…. Hold on to your chair or ass… here it comes…. “Real Time Previews that can be mirrored for the iPhone, iPad and web browser!!! Yea, i thought that the invention of time travel or teleporting would come first before this!

After purchasing this all-in-one mobile app design software (only $100), you should head over to the plugins which can help in all sorts of designing and production environments: . Ready to design but don’t know where to begin? There is already a huge community providing free Sketch apps located here:

Sketch App Templates Sketch App Resources

Hesitant in buying this software? Groupon, Stripe, Facebook, Apple, Google, SEGA, Easy, IBM, PayPal, NBC, and Soundcloud are only a handful of companies using Sketch App! I use Sketch App. My friends use Sketch App, my cats use Sketch App… Why are you not using Sketch App??

If you are beginning your profession as a Mobile Designer (and you should have a Mac), considering investing $100 on Sketch App, download a shitload of great design templates/components and start getting your portfolio and experience going.  Sketch App experience is one of the requirements for majority of mobile app design positions, so go download Sketch App now!